15 Hour White Votive Luminary Candles, Bulk Set of 288
15 Hour White Votive Luminary Candles, Bulk Set of 288

15 Hour White Votive Luminary Candles, Bulk Set of 288

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Straight Sided 15 Hour White Votive Luminary Candles - Bulk Unscented

288 straight sided 13 - 15 hour (bulk wholesale) unscented white luminary votive candles - luminaries. Our luminary candles are custom made and great for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, holidays, birthdays and general celebrations.

All of our votive candles are compression molded and made of clean burning paraffin wax.

A normal votive candle is meant to burn in a special votive holder which protects it from the elements and contains the melted wax allowing most of the wax to be consumed which creates a longer burn time.

Luminaries or luminary candles are meant to give off more light and burn brighter than traditional candles. At The Candle Depot our luminary candles contain a larger wick which creates a bigger flame and thus provides better illumination with less chance of accidently blowing out.

Luminary candles are most commonly used in bags and lanterns. Tips for using a sand base: Dampen the sand, create a cup in the sand by swirling luminary around, place luminary candle in the cup which will trap the wax near the wick and will increase your burn time. Or use a plastic votive cup which will also increase your burn time.

Common uses for luminaries include:

  • pumpkins
  • bags filled with a sand base
  • jars
  • glasses
  • statues
  • ceramic creations
  • vigils
  • town lighting ceremonies


  • Size: 1 7/16 inch (D) x 2 1/4 inch (H)
  • Color:  White
  • Unscented
  • Pieces per case: 288
  • Burn time:  11 - 13 hours
  • Lead-free Cotton Wicks / Smokeless
  • Made in America