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Discount Bulk Unscented Candles

The Candle Depot is a bulk supplier of unscented candles with cheap wholesale prices.

Latest News

New Candle Assortments with FREE SHIPPING to the USA!

Just in!  New candle assortments now available with Free Shipping to the USA!
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New Custom Made Luminary Candles!

At The Candle Depot our custom made luminary candles contain a larger wick which creates a bigger flame and thus provides better illumination with less chance of accidently blowing out. [Shop Luminary Candles]

Our Products

Wholesale Candles

Candle wholesale pricing is what makes The Candle Depot a favorite supplier to companies all around the U.S. When looking for cheap candles you want to make sure you are buying a quality product from an experienced supplier. All of our wholesale priced candles are made in America from top quality materials.

Bulk Candles

We only sell our candles by the case so we can offer the best pricing to our customers looking for bulk purchases of candles. Our case quantities mean you can enjoy wholesale candle pricing with every purchase. Companies in the service and entertainment industry are well aware of the benefits and savings of buying candles in bulk. They commonly look for unscented candles which are more appealing to their customers and surroundings.

Unscented Candles

We sell unscented candles because our customers commonly use them in public places where no odor is desired. When sitting in a restaurant for example the patrons don't wish to have their favorite meals overwhelmed by the smell of a candle which is why unscented candles have such a high appeal. Our wholesale candles are offered to both commercial and individual accounts. At TheCandleDepot.com you get bulk pricing for quality unscented candles made right here in the United States of America.