Luminary Candles

Luminary CandlesLuminary Candles with Bulk Wholesale Pricing
We offer white votive luminary candles with every day cheap wholesale prices.

Unique Unscented Larger Wick Luminary Candles: Brighter and Less Likely to Blow Out - Specially Made for Luminaries
Not all luminaries are created equal. A luminary candle is commonly used outdoors to light up an object or indoors on plates or other non-traditional settings. A normal votive candle is meant to burn in a special votive holder which protects it from the elements and contains the melted wax allowing most of the wax to be consumed which creates a longer burn time. Luminaries or luminary candles are meant to give off more light and burn brighter than traditional candles. At The Candle Depot our custom made luminary candles contain a larger wick which creates a bigger flame and thus provides better illumination with less chance of accidently blowing out.

Common uses for luminaries include: pumpkins, bags, jars, glasses, statues, ceramic creations, vigils, ceremonies and protests.  Great for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and general celebrations.

Made in the U.S.A.
Made in the U.S.A.